Military Applications

STEC extensive experience in providing military-grade solutions allows us to offer you a diverse range of certified products, meeting high precision, high stability standards, including aviation. Among of our existing products, you can find:

Millitery application

Phase array and AESA Radar subsystem with High precision and high stability for:

  • Air fighters
  • Helicopters
  • Drones
  • Destroyers
  • Submarines
  • Ground base and portable Radars

  • Military Communication Subsystem:

    • Radio transceivers for all type of Air-craft
    • Satellite military communication and location detection (both sides, Ground base and Satellite terminal)
    • TICN (Tactical Information & Communication Network)
    • SigNet products with highly complex and wide band requirements
    • High power and wide band Jammers


    Missiles RF Subsystem:

    • RF ground missile guidance
    • Independent missile RF seeker

    Flight simulator

    Simulators and Lab Tests:

    • K(F)-16 Electronic warfare test equipment
    • Variety of Anti Electronic warfare simulators
    • Sonar test equipment
    • EMC & EMI wide band and high-power Amplifiers