Mobile Infrastructure

Cellular 5G and mmWave Infrastructure

STEC offers systems and subsystems suitable for 5G and mmWave cellular infrastructure. The product portfolio includes complete system solutions, Modules, and Passive components. Among our existing products, you can find:

DAS Infrastructure

Multiband DAS (Distribute Antenna System), Public Safety and Emergency Network for Disasters:

  • Optical DAS
  • RF DAS
  • Repeater
  • Microcells
  • Public safety system for buildings and public places
  • emergency network for disasters in Airports and other public, crowded places

Active parts infrastructure

Telecom Subsystem Modules:

  • Modules and Subsystem for Base Station
  • Modules and Subsystem for RF and Optic DAS
  • Modules and Subsystem for Repeaters
  • Modules and Subsystem for Microcell
  • Modules and Subsystem for disaster and emergency communication

Passive Products infrastructure

Passive Components:

  • Bandpass and bandstop Cavity filters
  • Multi-band Multiplexer from 2 bands and up to 24 bands
  • Installation devices, Hybrid combiners, Splitter’s couplers, dividers, and more…
  • All types of Antennas as Horn, Cylindrical, Broadband CP-ANT, slot array, OMNI, MIMO, Sector, Yagi, Patch and other Antennas type as well.