DAS, PS and DR

STEC offers a wide range of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), as well as Public Safety (PS) and Disaster Recovery (DR) systems. Our selection is suitable for both military-grade and civil applications, providing comprehensive solutions for all your RF needs.

DAS Infrastructure


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STEC delivers the ultimate solution for all your multiband DAS needs! Our state-of-the-art solution sets a new standard for seamless connectivity by providing coverage for multiple frequency bands in a single distributed antenna system. Designed with the increasing demands of modern networks in mind, our multiband DAS solution is the perfect choice to meet your coverage and capacity needs. Our flexible architecture allows easy adaptation to frequently changing network requirements, ensuring that your investment stays future-proof. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of different environments. We bring extensive experience in designing and deploying multiband DAS solutions, and we're committed to delivering the best results for our clients. We constantly push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, and we're confident that our multiband DAS solutions are the best in the market!

Among our products, you can find:
  • Multi-band DAS (Supporting 900MHz / 1.8GHz / 2.1GHz/ 2.6GHz/ 3.5GHz)
  • Tri-band Repeaters with low power (Supporting 900MHz / 1.8GHz / 3.5GHz)
  • Dual-band NR/LTE Repeaters with low power (Supporting 1.8GHz / 3.5GHz)

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Public Safety (PS) and Disaster Recovery (DR)


STEC understands that public safety and disaster recovery are critical priorities in today's world. That's why we provide innovative and practical solutions to help communities and organizations prepare for and respond to emergencies. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of disaster management, from preparedness planning and response coordination to recovery operations and support. We prioritize public safety and disaster recovery, so you can focus on what matters most - protecting your community and getting back on your feet. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and customizable to meet the unique needs of any community or organization. Whether you're an airport, building owner, small town, or a large corporation, our experienced professionals have the expertise and resources to help you stay safe and secure. We're committed to using the latest technology and best practices to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the support and guidance you need to enhance your public safety and disaster recovery efforts.

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