Developing a Stealth Radar Component

STEC, a leading provider of RF, Microwave, and mmWave technology solutions, has achieved a major milestone by winning a significant R&D tender to develop a crucial component of a stealth radar for a new modern air fighter. This impressive achievement resulted from STEC’s long-standing partnership and experience in radio technology on previous projects, which demonstrated their capabilities and earned the trust of the eastern defense conglomerate.

With over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-end products for complex inquiries, STEC’s expertise in customizing systems and subsystems to optimize performance and meet specific needs makes it the ideal partner for this project. STEC’s portfolio showcases excellence in developing state-of-the-art air fighter stealth radar modules, UAV, submarine and interception missile components, mobile 5G infrastructure solutions, and disaster recovery solutions for some of the world’s largest airports.

STEC is committed to providing personalized support, from idea definition to a fully-functioning solution; its focus on innovation and a proven track record of success guarantees that every project will be in good hands.

Nissim Benbenisty, STEC’s CEO and Founder, is an electrical engineer with 30 years of experience in Telecom and RF design applications. Together with his team, they have successfully designed hundreds of projects over the last 15 years.

“We treat our customers as partners,” says Benbenisty. “We understand that only a close and strong partnership can provide the most optimized solution with the best possible performance tailored to our partner’s specific needs and requirements.”

STEC’s success in winning this large-scale R&D tender for the new modern air fighter’s stealth radar is a testament to its expertise, dedication, and commitment to building strong customer relationships. Contact STEC today to learn how they can help bring your vision to life.


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